Coalesce seeks, authenticates and implements advanced, game-changing technologies to accelerate the development of new therapeutics, diagnostics, and other highly beneficial products.


Message from the President,


The difficulty in incorporating new superior technologies and approaches is a major barrier to growth for many scientific organizations. This prevents them from successfully achieving their social, business and economic goals. Furthermore, the lack of proven platforms, tools and services slows down innovation, productivity and economic growth, resulting in decreased technology leadership, productivity, and product safety & quality.

For more than two decades, Coalesce has worked together with Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Devices & Diagnostics Organizations, Technology & Service Providers, Technology Investors, Governments, Charitable Foundations, Regulatory Agencies and World Health Agencies to tackle major challenges affecting their organizations and the research & medical communities at large.

With the participation of a growing group of top-level decision makers responsible for their organizations’ direction and future success, Coalesce is in a unique position to 1) Identify major barriers and verify community-validated solutions, 2) Specify the optimum embodiments of existing and emerging technologies to overcome grand challenges, and 3) Introduce validated solutions to all those who can benefit.

Following this approach, hundreds of breakthrough platforms, tools and services have been implemented by Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Advanced Materials, Chemical, Academic and Government organizations throughout the world.

Join us in conquering major scientific barriers affecting your organization, industry or community.



Dr. Courtney Anderson, Ph.D.
President and CEO



“Top pharmaceutical executives say the biggest internal barrier to growth is the inability to stay on top of emerging technologies”
[KPMG C-Level Business Pulse Executive Study, Pharmaceuticals, Second Quarter, 2012]