Coalesce’s work involves three major activities

Together, we can overcome the major barriers to progress, assess their extent and magnitude, find, develop and validate the optimum solutions, and implement them with all those who can most benefit.

Coalesce identifies major barriers & implements community-validated solutions
In conjunction with top mangers worldwide, Coalesce quickly validates the extent and magnitude of their barriers to success, isolates the most destructive ones and finds and validates solutions that can overcome them. This has resulted in hundreds of implemented solutions to major problems. Learn about recent success stories in your industry.

Coalesce specifies the optimum embodiments of existing and emerging technologies to overcome major challenges
Where technologies do not exist to solve major problems, Coalesce works with communities to develop the optimum embodiment of new innovative technologies and approaches or to find potential new embodiments of existing technologies that can solve the major problems. For new organizations with innovative technologies, Coalesce helps them develop the technology, sets up co-development agreements with future customers, helps develop the management and company structure and asks for Angel or VC capital to commercialize the new emerging technology. Learn about recent success stories in your industry.

Coalesce introduces validated solutions to all those who can benefit
Coalesce directly implements new solutions and newly embodied technologies with all those throughout its extensive network who can derive the most benefit. Learn about recent success stories in your industry.