Our Leadership


Dr. Courtney Anderson, President & CEO

Courtney was a principal founder of Dionex Corporation and managed Dionex’ worldwide marketing, sales, strategic planning and acquisitions. He helped push Dionex’ growth to over $80 million in sales and a public offering in a few short years. Dionex, a maker of innovative scientific instruments, was acquired by Thermo Fisher for $2.1 billion in 2011. Courtney also co-founded XA Systems, a mainframe software utility company. As an investor and board member, he helped direct XA Systems growth to $35 million in sales. XA Systems was sold to Compuware Corporation for $55 million.

Coalesce has been instrumented in helping start, validate and invest in major new technologies that have been extremely successful in discovery, manufacturing and diagnostics, including the first confocal microscope suitable for living specimens; electrochemiluminescence for highly sensitive and selective determinations in research and diagnostics; specialized portals for exploring the human genome; bead-based determination of microRNA, RNA and proteins; chip based measurement of expression; and hundreds of others.

Courtney’s background includes a Ph.D. from Princeton University in Molecular Biology and Polymer Physics and a post-doctoral position at the Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of California – San Francisco.

For the last 30 years, Courtney’s efforts have been devoted to collaboration with leading scientists and organizations to improve public health and the advancement of science by identifying, adapting and delivering innovative validated technologies & services to bolster organizations committed to the creation of better medicines, diagnostics and materials.