Coalesce works alongside key scientific groups to conquer major barriers with proven emerging technologies


To conquer major scientific barriers Coalesce works together with pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, technology, services and medical device providers, technology investors, governments, charitable foundations, regulatory agencies and world health agencies, and follows a model created as the result of identifying and implementing hundreds of the key emerging technologies.


The Coalesce Approach to Conquer Scientific Barriers

Step 1: Coalesce works with Pharma & Biotech groups to understand their major challenges and critical needs affecting the creation of better medicines and diagnostics.

Step 2: Coalesce works with the Scientific Community to gauge the magnitude of the challenges referred by the Pharma and Biotech groups, and uncover success stories with emerging technologies.

Step 3: Coalesce works with Inventors, Technology developers, Licensing groups, Incubators, Trade centers and Commercial technology providers to indentify, develop IP or design technologies with characteristics recommended by the Scientific Communities and Pharma & Biotech groups.

Step 4: If no technology with the correct embodiment is available, Coalesce works with Phama & Biotech funding groups, Technology investors, Government agencies and Charitable foundations interested in funding the development of technologies to address critical needs and community-wide challenges. Coalesce also puts together the corporate structure necessary develop and validate the commissioned technologies.

Step 5: New validated scientific technology is implemented and deployed within the Pharma & Biotech groups. Coalesce also alerts members of the scientific community that can most benefit from the new validated technology. A true problem-driven collaboration and win-win Model.