Technology Investors

The first three questions technology Investors ask of a potential investment are “Why is this needed?”, “Why does it have to be done right now?” and “Why are you the group that should do it?”
Working with Venture Investment, Catalyst and Fund Management groups, and calling on the pool of potential customers for the solution, Coalesce discovers and validates new technology platforms, services, approaches and advanced solutions that warrant investment. This both maximizes your return and eliminates most of the risk.
In addition, Coalesce determines the preferred embodiment of the solution to meet major unmet needs, and can find and recruit the optimum executives for the investment’s management, as well as introduce the solution to the most motivated groups of buyers. Calling on its network, Coalesce can determine related IP that should be acquired to fortify the investment’s position. Coalesce can also determine the market potential of an existing investment.

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